Who created Colors of Life and Love?

Colors of Love and Life  was created and founded by a Wife and Husband team.  Mixed together with a passion for helping people stressed with life and a speciality in technology; the merge created a novel idea.  

The Team. You  all are  awesome.
The incredible consulting  team, group of models, our publishers, printers, distributors and supporters. Thank you.

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Why we created the book?

The idea behind the creation of the book was to have something for couples to engage in together.  To connect when not connected and create a fresh new experience on an old past time while helping partners create communication and relax together.  All the while helping to improve mental well-being.  The idea grew into what you see here on this site.  Colors of Life: Erotic Moments is a unique book that is fun and will put you in a senusal mood.  The coloring pages have details that you find along the way while coloring.  The artworks we create are for ADULTS to enjoy, "the simple pleasure of adding color to images of a complex world".  Real People and Real Colors on Real Pages.  


Enjoy, Share, Relax...

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